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Leorex Ltd.
 develops derma-cosmetic products based on nano-technology for treating skin problems.
Established in 1999, 
Leorex creates a constant stream of new products through an ongoing cycle of research and development, followed by the launching and marketing of new products. 

International patents protect the innovation and originality of Leorex products, which are manufactured in accordance with the world's most rigorous standards of quality control for the manufacture of drugs and cosmetics in accordance with the regulations issued by different Ministries of Health. 

Leading dermatologists in this field test the efficacy of Leorex products in research laboratories in Israel and around the world . The unique line of Leorex derma-cosmetic products acts in different ways from other cosmetic products, by the unique physical basis underlying the Leorex performance. As a matter of fact, Leorex products have a new structure to such an extent, that they cannot be classified by any known cosmetics terminology ,e.g. creams, gels, lotions, masks or ointments. These products are defined by a new term in cosmetics: "Leorex"

Leorex products provide a genuine solution to the markets' requirements and therefore, the use of these products is rising in a steep curve in an ever growing number of countries. These products work in a unique, highly effective way, with both immediate and long term results

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