Warning About Counterfeit Products

We have found out that some online stores have been selling counterfeit products bearing the LEOREX brand.


To assure authenticity of any LEOREX product, please buy only from a LEOREX authorized dealer. The list of Authorized Dealers is on the "Where To Buy" page.


If you are buying a LEOREX product from somewhere else on the Internet, you are probably buying from unauthorized sources who may not supply the original, first-quality products.


LEOREX invests a lot of time and money manufacturing and testing its products according to Ministry of Health Good Manufacturing standards and adhering to international regulations of EU, FDA, and others. LEOREX uses only quality materials, and maintains strict inspection prototocls of the packaged products.


Counterfeit products can be dangerous. Their test certificates are not genuine, and there is no guarantee of their safety or efficacy.


If you are unsure, please feel free to contact us or the Authorized Dealer in your country. LEOREX has acted against counterfeiters, and will do so with every such case brought to our attention.



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